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An Alumnus is anyone who has spent 3 years at Choueifat or graduated from a Choueifat school. To become a member a $33 yearly fee has to be paid, or $60 for two years or $90 for three years.

Alumni members benefits

1 - On campus:
a - use of sports facilities
b - use of club house

2 - Have a say by
a - Voting
b - Becoming a board or committee member

3 - Career assistance.
Belong to a network that provides professional/career support

4 - Keep in touch By
a - Registering on the webpage
b - sharing your information with other alumni

5 - Use your membership card to benefit from
a - Discounts in stores.
b - Discount at health clubs.
c - Discounts at travel agencies.

6 - Get your alumni Pin