Alumni Events

Art for a Good Cause

Dear Alumni

We are very happy to let you know that the Alumni “Art for a Good Cause” Exhibition by Alumni artists was a great success.

The presence of Mrs. Leila Saad, H.E. Mr. Fadi Abboud President of the Board, as well as the Board members, many alumni, their friends and family made this an outstanding gathering.

The setting of the exhibit among the trees and the old house of the Alumni club made it magical.

Our thanks go to all the artists, Leila Kanso Nasreddine ’68 -   Lamia Saab Muhtar’69 - Dina Darido Azar ’75 - Nabil Richani ’79 – Dr. Emad Saab ’79 – Joumana Jurdi Ghazal ’82 – Nisreen Mohtar Ahmadieh ‘97 who worked together with harmony and camaraderie; and of course Bilal Hassouneh ‘86 for his hard work with the special lighting that brought the art work to life.

A special thanks to Mrs. Wafa Saab ’71 Vice President, for her continuous and unfailing support.


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