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Trip To Baskinta

In Baskinta, our first stop was at the Naimys’ house, where Dr. Zakieh Naimy, the writer’s grandniece and the Arabic Program Manager at SABIS®, entertained us with nostalgic stories about the great writer, his books and study, the writers and philosophers he was inspired by, his first love and why he didn’t get married. Our second stop was at Chakhroub where we visited the summer house, the statue and the (opened) grave that stands amidst amazing surroundings; where the smell of pure air, the touch of warm sun rays and the sound of autumn leaves crackling under our feet gave all a feeling like no other.

Marching up to 1600 m above sea level, we reached our third stop, the cave where Naimy used to write his books, the masterpiece “The Book of Mirdad” in particular…The entire way there our special guide Dr. Zakieh Naimy generously recounted excerpts from his books.


After the long walk in nature, the group’s final stop was for tasty Lebanese food at Al Nahr Restaurant.


An enjoyable, cultural and fun trip… We wish you were there.

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